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Get Involved

Get Involved

We Need You

The power of sharing the Army story lies with you. We need leaders, like you, to join our community outreach efforts to share what is happening in today’s U.S. Army and foster a better understanding of the value of being a Soldier.

As a leader in your community, you are in a unique position to shape perceptions and educate others regarding the benefits of Army service. Your experiences, achievements and industry knowledge offer valuable insight into the current perceptions — and often misperceptions — about Army service within your organizations and throughout your communities.

We invite you to join a network of action-oriented citizens who have reach, impact and interests that transcend geographic and professional communities. You have the power to generate support for the U.S. Army by encouraging others to stand beside you as an advocate.

How You Can Help

Become informed and take action. Advocates are called upon to support the Army's efforts locally and nationally. You may be asked to participate in various activities to shape how people think about service in the Army.

Here are a few ways you can support America's Army:

  • Invite Army or Army ROTC representatives to speak at your school, business or organization
  • Share accurate, relevant information about the benefits of Army service with America's youth and their parents
  • Author commentary or submit a letter to the editor of your local newspaper
  • Participate in a speaking engagement on behalf of the Army and share your Army story
  • Share information about the Army via your internal publications with relevant stories such as: the Army's commitment to education, leadership development, Officership and medical career path options
  • Identify local employers as potential Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS)
  • Provide information about Army scholarships to students/parents/faculty

Who To Contact

For more information on ways you can help support the Army in your community, please visit the following links.

To learn more about joining the Army, contact your local Army Recruiting Battalion.

To learn more about Army ROTC programs and becoming an Officer, contact your local college or university ROTC program.

To learn more about Army Medicine, contact your local Medical Recruiting Battalion.

To learn more about opportunities with the Army Reserve, please visit Army Reserve.

For other questions, email us at: